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cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy
cefalicchio - canosa di puglia - italy

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Cefalicchio is, first of all, an agricultural company  devoted to the production and manufacturing of high-quality organic agricultural products. The company is presently run by Fabrizio Rossi, an agronomist with a long-standing experience in the application of biodynamic techniques in agriculture as well as in the related procedures of quality control.

Along with Cefalicchio estate, where is possible doing wine taste and wineyard tours, the company runs a second productive unit, the Lama Marangi estate, located near Minervino Murge. Today the Azienda Agricola Cefalicchio covers a total of around 105 hectares and is nestled in a typically Mediterranean hilly landscape that is delightful in all seasons.

The changeover to a biodynamic method of agriculture took place in 1992. Ever since, Cefalicchio has pledged itself to establishing an environment-friendly activity that works in total harmony with its natural surroundings. A sustainable entity in the broadest sense of the term.

It is in this environment that our wines and our extravirgin olive oil are born. Wines made exclusively from our biodynamic grapes (as it happens for the olive oil exclusively obtained from our estate grown olives), whose primary aim is to express the combination of climate and soil from which they derive. Is to be “authentic”.

Please contact us for wineyard tour and wine taste.

Contrada Cefalicchio SP 143, km 3 - 76012 Canosa di Puglia (BT)
Biodynamic farm t. +39 0883 617601                          
Fax +39 0883 666238

cefalicchio cefalicchio cefalicchio cefalicchio cefalicchio cefalicchio